New Generation Disinfection Methods for All Viruses.

Kovidor - Innovative solution for neutralizing viruses

Decontamination tunnel for hospitals, commercial centers, administrations, retirement homes and more! Innovative and operational solution for mass neutralization of viruses and bacteria. Kovidor uses Kovidol® products for disinfection and decontamination.

Kovidor tunnel inside working hall with two workers who entering inside the tunnel

Innovative solution for neutralizing viruses (including Covid-19) and bacteria on people and equipment by nebulizing a medical standard alcohol-based liquid (92°) – Kovidol® – developed in close cooperation with Icare Laboratories from France.

It is a rigid booth of 5m x 2m x 2.5m equipped with a high pressure pump connected to micro nozzles creating a harmless fog that people walk through.

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What Kovidor is made out of:

  • In the production of our Kovidor disinfection tunnels, we use only the highest quality grade materials including but not limited to stainless steel and zinc plated steel, assuring their integrity as well as longevity. All materials are EU sourced and backed up with certificates of origin. It is our mission to provide our customers with a reliable product which can resist all the elements as well as years of wear and tear.
  • Our fogging systems go as high as 70 bar of pressure ensuring nebulization, in other words discharging droplets which are so small they appear in a form of a mist. This in turn ensures not only that all who pass through Kovidor remain dry but also significantly increases the efficacy and safety of our tunnels.

Our three pillars: efficiency, durability and customer satisfaction.

Kovidor International and Icare Laboratory

Our disinfection tunnels have been designed and developed with an independent laboratory, the Icare Laboratory, specializing in particular in the evaluation of disinfection by nebulization.

After over two months of lab tests, the Icare Laboratory has now:

  • validated the disinfection process,
  • evaluated the limits of use in accordance with the regulations in force and
  • measured the effectiveness of our solutions.

These tests were conducted according to the applicable protocols in this area (standards EN 1040 and EN 1275). They confirmed the effectiveness of our tunnels in disinfecting people and goods.

White Technologies Group

Our tunnels are manufactured in France by the White Technologies Group (5 factories in France and 1 in Serbia) in which we are majority shareholders. They are so far mainly exported to the United States

Kovidor services

Participates in raising awareness of the pandemic and improving the perception of the risk of an epidemic.

Kovidor XL for people

Ideal for shopping centers, hospitals, retirement homes, airports, office buildings etc.

S – smaller version

Offers higher portability and takes up less space than Kovidor XL, for less available space.

S Light

Made of PVC and tarp. Very easily transportable and disassemblable for easy use.


It is intended to decontaminate all your products held on pallets with the help of forklift.


Designed to suit your unique need in disinfecting parcels, luggage, packages and other items.


KoviCart removes Covid-19 as well as all other germs from carts, allowing safe usage.

What are the Kovidor advantages?

  • Simple to install and re-installable at will. Displaceable by forklift and easy to transport (2 or 3 units per truck depending on the size of the trailer).
  • Individuals pass through the tunnel dressed and equipped. No wet effect. Up to 650 people/hour (the hourly average of existing solutions are significantly lower).
  • Participates in raising awareness of the pandemic and improving the perception of the risk of an epidemic.
  • Competitive price depending on quantities and options.

Available models

Innovative and operational solution for mass neutralization of viruses including Covid-19, using Kovidol® products developed with Icare Laboratories from France.

  • all
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Factory
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical
kovidor XL tunnel from the front

Kovidor XL - for people

supermarket cart entering in kovidor tunnel

KoviCart - for supermarkets

Luggage wnters the Kovidor tonnel


Pallet wnters the Kovidor tonnel


Kovidor S – smaller white - model inside the hall

KOVIDOR S Light - PVC and tarp

Kovidor S – smaller version - model inside the hall

Kovidor S – smaller version

Inside Kovidor tunnel

Inside Kovidor

Industry workers enter the Kovidor tunnel

Kovidor for industry workers

indoor facilities


small objects

Certified sales